19 Oct 2016

Wine Scoring - Is it essential OR distracting?

So, this video from Whitney Adams gave us some pause. We have built a Wine Blog and a Brand around tasting wines and scoring them. There is a lot of legitimate points here, but fundamentally the scoring should never be the focus. It is an aspect of what we taste but we are not you nor do we have your palate. You might love Sauternes or have a passion for Sparkling Wine and we respect these wines immensely and will drink these wines regularly but we would be hard pressed to present either as 100 point wines because our palates aren't shaped to "love" these wines blindly. We will like them, maybe even a lot, but our personal preference and biases will always play a role in how we score something.

Now, we tend to be fairly hard-minded when it comes to scoring wines so if we do score it in the 90's it's really something special in our minds. Typically, for us, a wine registers in the 80's most times but that is OUR take on things. We agree in principal with Whitney that the score from Wine Spectator or some other body is just a guide as is our scoring, but you need some yardstick to say that this wine is good, great, or awful to US (PS - very few wines are awful). If you taste 10 wines, which one did you like the best? Guess what, you just scored that wine anecdotally. It's human nature.

Back to Whitney's argument... She's right, the score doesn't matter and wine makers should never chase scores as it's a fool journey. It's great to get a score in today's wine world but here's the thing, if you make the best wine you can to match the terrior of your vineyard, good things will happen. Getting marketers (like Chris) involved in the wine making process just mucks it up. The wines should speak for themselves and THEN let the marketers get involved... :)

The scores and medals will come. Until then, we'll try to provide context to the wines we taste which will sometimes include a score.

Agree? Disagree? In the wine biz and have an opinion? We'd love a comment.

Keep on tasting,

Chris & Shannon

19 Aug 2016

Annapolis Valley Wine Tour with Uncork Nova Scotia - VIDEO

Last weekend we spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon in the Annapolis Valley touring a few wineries. Check out our quick summary below:

If you're in NS or coming for a visit we recommend checking out our wine region using this form of transportation for safety, convenience, and fun! Really if you're traveling to any wine region to tour some wineries these types of services are great options.

Uncork Nova Scotia
Wines of Nova Scotia

Keep on tasting,

Chris & Shannon

19 Jun 2016

Wine Review - 2012 Vintage Ink Merlot-Cabernet: A Pretty Good Niagara Blend

We are way past being on task with posting but here's a new one for your reading pleasure. We've had a couple of Niagara wines this week and this one is the latest from Vintage Ink Wines.

The wine is medium in body which has a slight transparency to it. It has a slightly crimson colour with a hint of mahogany at the edges. The legs are very slow in the glass and make it seem like a thick wine which it isn't.

The nose is plummy with a hint of raspberries and toasted oak. It is a very nice smelling wine but not really that complex. There are some volatile alcohol notes that make the wine seem to smell a bit medicinal but not in a bad way.

The medicinal notes carry over to the flavor profile but again not in a bad way. It doesn't have the barnyard nature we love from Niagara wines but it tastes pretty good. It is a tart and tannic wine that comes across as slightly thin which makes sense given the transparent nature of the wine. The notes of sour cherry and black currants are the dominant flavours which make for a tasty wine. We like it. We know it's not estate made but it tastes alright. We freely admit we have a soft spot for Ontario wine.

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Medium body, slow legs with mahogany at the edges. 4.0
Smell (0-5) Medicinal nose with notes of plum, raspberry, and toasted oak. 4.0
Taste (0-10) Tart and tannic with sour cherries and black currants on the palate. 8.0
  Total: 16.0 / 20 (80%)

We got this as a sale wine at just over $15 and it's totally worth that price. The retail price locally is a touch high but it's not a bad wine to bring to a dinner party.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon