19 Nov 2014

Wine Review - 2013 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc: Unique Tasting Kiwi Sauv Blanc

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc
‎This was a purchase at the NSLC Port of Wines Festival this year. It was an interesting taste profile so we picked up a bottle for closer inspection.  Frank Nobilo carries on the tradition of Ernie Els, Mike Weir, and other Pro Golfers who have ventured into the wine business with his Nobilo Wines.  This version is a good one.

In the glass the wine is pale yellow with a green hue.  It is a watery wine and is very clear.  It looks like a Summer wine and certainly makes one want to drink it.  We miss Summer...if you couldn't tell.

The nose is tropical though and through which, if this is your first review of ours you're reading, we love.  There's mango and papaya front and centre.  Beneath all that is a lemon peel element that really rounds out the nose.  Very nice smelling wine.

The flavours are interesting to say the least.  It is a typically tart and crisp Sauv Blanc.  There is a citrus component on palate as well but the tropical notes are not there.  In its place is a flinty and clean mouth feel but that is not unfamiliar.  It goes beyond that though and is almost a really dry version of a Riesling. Very unique for this style of wine.  We get under ripe pears and green mango in there.  Again familiar but different.

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Watery with a pale yellow colour with a green hue. 4.25
Smell (0-5) Tropical nose with mango and papaya with citrus underneath. 4.25
Taste (0-10) Tart and crisp with flinty and under ripe fruit notes of pear and green mango. 8.25
  Total: 16.75 / 20 (83.75%)

This wine is $20 locally and that is certainly in line with others in the category.  The unique flavours make this one a tougher call in terms of do we love it or not.  We like it for sure and the flavour comes in as a stand up and take notice kind of thing but maybe it's a little too under ripe.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon

1 Nov 2014

Wine Review - 2013 Mount Monster Cabernet Sauvignon: Tangy Red Wine That Sticks To The Tongue

This wine was on the roster for Mer et Soleil at this year's Port of Wines Festival and we had a chance to try it both freshly opened and with a little time open.  Overall, it was a nice drinking wine but definitely develops more when the bottle is open for a while.  We would go as far to say it is better to decant this wine to open it up a bit.

Bright crimson is the best was to categorize the look and colour of the wine.  There are slow legs in the glass on the swirl and it seems to stick to the sides as the wine comes down.  It has an oily look to it as well which make you feel like this will be a big wine.

The nose hit us with cherry blossoms and violets as the dominant building blocks of the bouquet.  We also see light oak and vanilla notes underlying all of that.  It's a solid nose on this wine.

The oily nature of the wine in the glass continues on the palate. It sticks to the tongue quite readily.  This comes with blackberries on the start and it actually finishes with more of a black cherries flavour.  Very interesting.  Our challenge with this wine are the rougher tannins on the mid-palate which provides an slightly bitter finish.  Where we would love to see more silky tannins, we get a more acidic tasting experience.

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Bright crimson colour and oily look make this seem like it will be a big wine. 4.5
Smell (0-5) Cherry blossoms and violets dominate with oak and vanilla undertones. 4.0
Taste (0-10) The wine is oily on the tongue with blackberries to ‎start and black cherries on the finish. Rougher tannins on the mid-palate and finishes a touch bitter. 7.75
  Total: 16.25 / 20 (81.25%)

We like this wine and at just under $20 it is priced about right.  We like how this wine tasted and it is pretty good with and without food.  Again, if you leave it open for a while you will like it that much more.  So, open it an hour before dinner as opposed to when the food hits the table.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon

16 Oct 2014

Wine Review - 2013 Beyerskloof Pinotage: Not So Nutty South African Red

This was a late in the show NSLC Port of Wines Festival selection. Palates were exhausted and there wasn't enough bread to bring it back. We knew we wanted to hit the South Africa table before we left and we wanted to find a Pinotage to take home. Well, mission accomplished with the Beyerskloof Pintoage ($18.49 locally). It still stood out with tired tongues but to be honest we weren't sure if we were gonna love it when we tried it. Well good news...

Pinotage tends to be a lighter coloured red wine and this one is about average though it has transparent edges which is an interesting effect. While not as thin as it's cousin Pinot Noir, there is definitely a clear structure to the wine.

We have found Pinotage to be nutty to the point of dark chocolate or even coffee.  This wine however is not as nutty as we might expect. There is a touch in there but this reads more like a Grenache with distinct notes of Cherry Twizzlers and vanilla in there.

The flavours of the wine are tangy with black currents as the dominant note.  There is a slightly sugary start to the wine which transitions to a dry mid-palate.  The finish is very,,,grapey, is the best way to describe it.  It is a nice mix of dark stone fruit and that hint of nuts that makes for a nice flavour profile.

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Lighter wine with bright red colours and transparent edges in the glass 4.0
Smell (0-5) Light nuttiness is the key with Cherry Twizzlers and vanilla 4.0
Taste (0-10) Black currents with a sugary start and dry mid-palate and grapey finish. Stone fruit and a hint of nuts make it a nice drinking wine 8.0
  Total: 16.0 / 20 (80%)

We love a good Pinotage and at less than $19 a bottle this one is good. You can pay a lot more for Pinotage but this one stands up as a nice drinking wine with or without food.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon