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We are self-taught Wine aficionados who enjoy wine and its ability to allow for conversation and lively debate through the individual’s palate. We believe wine and all its attributes need to be consumed responsibly for its own sake and the sake of the consumer and general public.

Wine education and enjoyment should be part of the tasting experience. No one knows everything about wine and no one should claim to. An understanding of place (terrior) and product are part of the whole wine experience. Where does this wine come from? Who makes it? What makes it so good (or not so good)?

We will try and keep the topics relevant and not just be a recitation on what we are drinking or what we like, because we want to make this more of a wine discussion than just us talking.

Please note we have no affiliation to any producer, wholesaler, or retailer. We will simply tell you what we like (and don't like) feel free to take it with any size grain of salt.

Chris & Shannon O'Shea
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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