Wine Snobs: Adam Ruins Everything... But Not Wine....NEVER!

We have to admit to having missed this on but it is a good one.  The gist is that wine experts are faking it and can't tell anything more about wine than anyone else.  For the most part we agree with that statement.  Wine is a highly complex and subjective thing and in no way do we consider ourselves experts in what's right for someone else.  Everyone likes what they like and Chris learned that lesson firsthand at a recent holiday party where he tried to "show" someone why a particular wine was lesser than others. 

Boy, was that a bad idea and really stupid to boot. 

Who the hell are we to tell anyone that something is not as good as something else? It is after all, right?  Lesson firmly learned and wine snobbery has been banished from the kingdom yet again.  Regardless, a video is a good reminder to leave the superiority complex at the door and just enjoy the damn wine.

Give it a watch, it is good humor.

We are Wine Enthusiasts and not Wine Experts. Sometimes we just need to be knocked down a peg.

Keep on tasting,

Chris & Shannon


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