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We have spent well over a decade enjoying wine as consumers, doing our own wine traveling, attending wine events, and immersing ourselves in the product, the industry, and the history.  To that end, we have a great amount of experience understanding wine and the nuances surrounding what makes wine such an important (and different) product here at home and around the world.

Furthermore, we can share our experiences and understanding with your group.  We have a lot say when it comes to wine but the basic message is that wine is for everyone.  It is not an elitist beverage or something that should be reserved for special occasions.  The vast assortment of wines and flavour profiles out there is staggering and confusing.  We can certainly come and talk to your group about wine and how to get the best bang for your buck, so to speak.  We can certainly speak about the finer wines and wine regions of the world but we definitely have more of a focus and understanding of wines that are made for the broader marketplace and the average wine enthusiast.

We also can take it to another level, we can talk about Social Media and the Web at the same time framing it within the wine industry and for wine lovers.  Never has their been more information available to people who enjoy wine.  The trouble comes when you try and break it down in a easily understandable way.  We can speak to that as well.

If you have an event that needs an interesting discussion of wine or need a facilitator for a wine event, keep us in mind.

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