Our Sample Policy

Since the relative popularity of our Blog has grown (thank you very much audience), we have begun to receive a samples and we have decide to put a very simple Sample Policy in place in order to keep things are transparent as possible.  First off, we certainly welcome and appreciate samples from the industry.

If you are interested in having us try your wines, feel free to send us whatever you choose but as our tag line says we do celebrate wine on a budget.  We will NEVER turn down expensive wines but as you can see from our reviews, we don't usually go over $30 (USD) a bottle very often.

Should you provide us with a wine to taste we will commit to the following:

1) We will drink it (ALL of it).
2) We will review it. It will make the Blog but it may not be immediately. If you are looking for a time-sensitive promotion of the wine, let us know,
3) We will give our honest opinion. However, you should realize that we really think that most wines are worth drinking so, if we hate it...something ain`t right.

It's that simple...


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