Wine Review - 2012 Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc Brut: A review 7 years in the making...

So.... we are a little bit late on this wine review. To be precise, we are 6 years, 11 months and 1 week late. 

Yes, you read that right. 

We received this wine in good faith from a PR Firm in Toronto for review in early December of 2013. We totally and unequivocally made a mess of this for them but in our defense we had a three month old at the time and it absolutely fell off our radar and then got locked in our cellar to only be pulled out for the Joe Biden / Kamala Harris 2020 election victory in the US today. 

To Michelle at the PR Firm.... our deepest apologies.

So, what should have been reviewed as a likely youthful and crisp Sauvignon Blanc sparkler is now and bottle aged wine that has been stored quite well since we received it.

The original notes we received in support of the wine make note of the following:

"Brilliantly clear and almost pale straw in colour, the bouquet of this wine is an elegant mélange of tropical fruits, lychees, green peppers, pineapples and granadilla." Smelling this wine now makes that almost a laughable description. 

Yeah, we missed that window by just a bit... Oh boy.

We're not sure if Two Oceans intended to have aged vintages but here we are, and the visual on this wine is amazingly golden. 

Think Fume Blanc not Sauvignon Blanc. 

It has a crazy depth of color with it but it's still quite watery in the glass. It is kind of crazy actually and we don't often get aged sparkling wine so this holds up to our experience with others of the more traditional method and the bubbles, while present, slow reasonably quickly. So interesting.

The nose is nutty as nutty gets with a meady streak a mile wide almost molasses. There are notes of pear and maybe a hint of that lychee that the referenced in the original notes. Very complex for sure and super cool.

The flavours are very interesting and the mouthfeel is extremely sharp. There is none of the creaminess that you would expect from aged sparkling wine. Call it lean on the palate with more notes of pear and lemon curd but the nuttiness remains on the tongue with a bit of sugar structure and then starts to disappear very quickly. There is a fullness in the body but the intensity dissipates on the back half of the tongue. Really quite interesting.

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Golden yellow in the glass, watery with quickly settling bubbles. 4.75
Smell (0-5) Complex with walnut, almond and pecan as the dominant smells with meady undertones and pear and lychee. 4.5
Taste (0-10) Pear, lemon curd and more nuts on the palate with a quickly dissipating fizz. 8.5
  Total: 17.75 / 20 (88.75%)

Again our deepest apologies on the tardiness of this wine review. That said, if you don't think that a sparkling wine like this can age... you'd be wrong. We are so glad this happened and this is what one might call a happy accident.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon


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