WineAlign's Latest 'So You Think You Know Wine' Finale (Season 6)

This is a great series and if you love tasting wine it is super interesting to watch wine professionals struggle with blind tasting wines. Previous seasons had comedian Sean Cullen as host. We particularly enjoyed the comments in the YouTube episodes from folks who were the opposite of unfussy about their wines and Sean's hosting ability. Some people sure are funny, especially Sean Cullen, for the record. It epitomizes the problem with pretentious wine people. Puke...

This season's host James Chatto does an admirable but predictable job with managing the wine tastings but there's little in terms of spark or pure entertainment. The Wine Academy in Toronto is the location of the series and it looks absolutely stunning. Give this season a watch when you get the chance. It was excellent to see the wines chosen and how the experts did. It's a fun exercise for your own wine tasting parties as well.

Keep on tasting,

Chris & Shannon


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