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So the coming year will mark five years for the Unfussy Wine Blog.  We can't believe that it has been FIVE freaking years!  That said, our social contract with you, our audience, has been in a shambles for the bulk of 2015 and we are going to try and remedy this with a new approach to posting.  We could write more about it but why not tell you in a more interactive medium. Without further adieu, Chris will explain our newly proposed format:

OK, that's just a teaser. Let us tell you more...

But, really Chris, what IS this all about?!

Hopefully this piques your interest to come back and check out our old reviews and maybe watch our One Minute / One Take Wine Reviews.  We have always felt that brevity keeps people interested and this certainly follows that thought-process but we would love your thoughts and feedback.  Tell us what you think.  Will this be interesting to you?  Would you watch a one minute (+/-) review in store with a bottle in your other hand?

Best of the Holiday Season to you and yours.  Enjoy your holiday wines because we are going to enjoy ours. :)

Keep on tasting,

Chris & Shannon


  1. Great idea and good luck with the new format! Looking forward to what you have in store for the ~one minute posts. Video brings a nice personal element and should be a good creative outlet as well. Hopefully it'll be a good time saver for you. All the best over the holidays and happy tasting!

  2. Thanks so much, Brad! Time gets away fast these days so we are hopeful this keep us on task.

    All the best,

    Chris & Shannon


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