Wine Review - 2008 Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Fumé Blanc: Complex Oaked Sauv Blanc

2008 Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc
So let's the get the apologies out of the way right off the top. We were provided this wine nearly two years ago. The small matter of our Shannon being pregnant and subsequent birth of our son caused a 'slight' delay in us tasting a couple of offerings from Robert Mondavi that we were given on the 100th Birthday Celebration in 2013. That's right 2013. So, Olivier thanks so much for the wines, our apologies for the delay, and here are our thoughts on the Fumé Blanc.

To take all the surprise out of this review we frickin' loved this wine. There is a lot going on with in the glass and for a wine that retails in the $20's it is totally worth it. It is 94% Sauvignon Blanc and 6% Semillon that was hand harvested and barrel fermented as well as aged in oak for five months.

In the glass the wine is straw coloured and clear. The legs are very fast on the swirl and it is almost a watery look. Bottom line, it looks very nice and does look as though the wine has spent some time in oak which it has.

The nose is surprisingly mild and notes of butterscotch and dried apricots but very attractive and really draws you into the wine. There is also some saline smells which reminds one of the ocean twisted up with some minerals.

The flavours are where this wine really shines. It is a round and mellow wine that has great balance but finishes with a nice tart undercurrent. Just awesome. The finale also provide that great minerality and really tastes of New Zealand almost.  Great wine!

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Straw coloured yellow which has fast legs and gives a  watery sensation. 4.0
Smell (0-5) Mild nose with butterscotch, dried apricots, minerals and notes of the ocean. 4.25
Taste (0-10) Round and mellow with great balance and has a nice tart finish. Minerality continues. 9.0
  Total: 17.25 / 20 (86.25%)

We are very sorry it took so long for us to taste this wine but we are now fully on team Fumé Blanc. Happy Birthday Mr. Mondavi and Mondavi Wines, the legacy carries on. Thanks again Olivier, better late than never.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon


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