Wine Review - 2012 Alvarez De Toledo Godello: The Smell Of Spring In A Bottle

2012 Alvarez De Toledo Godello
We purchased this Godello on the recommendation of a staff member at Harvest Wines' new store here in Dartmouth.  Yay, our very own private wine shop!  We are HUGE Mencia fans from the Bierzo region of Spain.  Mencia is the red grape of Bierzo and Godello (say it with us Go-Day-Yo) is a main white grape.  Produced by Alvarez De Toledo at $15 who could say no.

The best description of the colour of this wine is straw.  It is light with a touch of gold and it is a super thin almost watery wine on the swirl.  Little blobs of wine stick to the sides of the glass almost like you would see if you had club soda in a glass.  It's not bubbly just really watery.

The bouquet (note we have recently come back to using this term) is very light.  A hint of a aromatically perfumed orange blossom and even more it literally smells like Springtime. Fresh and clean with maybe some sweet bee pollen. Maybe we are just tired of, no it smells of Spring.

The wine is really well balanced with a hint of sugar on the tongue but the fruitiness of the wine and crisp acidic play nice with one another.  We get tart green apple that works nicely with a hint of minerality and voila a nice drinking wine and it smells of Spring and is $15. Whammy! Great white wine that hits a homerun for QPR.

   Tasting Notes: Score:
Sight (0-5) Light golden colour like straw that is thin and watery in the glass. 4.0
Smell (0-5) Light and fresh nose with hints of orange blossom and Spring. 4.25
Taste (0-10) Well balanced wine with tart green apple and minerals. Dry with a whisper of sugar on the tongue 8.5
  Total: 16.75 / 20 (83.75%)

The Harvest Wine staffer did not lead us astray and now we have another great reason to love Bierzo even more. We'll get there someday.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon


  1. yummy but even better at 8.99 a bottle in VA!

    1. You are soooo right $8.99 would make us that much happier. Sometimes we just plain miss living in the USA. :)

      Thanks for the comment,

      Chris & Shannon


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