This Baby Is Really Cramping Our Wine Blogging....

We have been extremely lax at adding new posts to the Blog of late.  It has been a combination of early nights, lack of motivation, and ultimately a challenge of giving you good content.  Content that is void of wine tastings.....troublesome to say the least.

Now, we are not completely wine review focused but if you go back through our history of posts you will in fact see a lot of wine reviews.  We all know you don't have to drink to have a good time, but we sure are more fun if we do (kidding).  We were able to get away this weekend to spend it with friends and though Shannon was drinking weak green tea, I was able to have a couple of glasses of wine including a nice Las Moras Bonarda.  We had found Bonarda as a grape prior to Shannon being pregnant.  It seems to have a nice full body to it that we will investigate more once baby arrives safely.  It would seem there are a number of options under the $20 mark that we should try.  It has been officially filed for future review.

Back to not drinking.  We have struggled to sit down and discuss what kind of content strategy we should employ while being on the wagon.  Again, this is partially due to early nights and more likely a lack of motivation.  We need to get ourselves aligned to try and come up with some interesting ideas.  We see a lot of really great Wine Blogs out there, sharing some really great content in unique ways.  Blogs like Wine Folly and Quit Wineing have become regular reading and we really like their styles.  Now if we could only get ourselves inspired to write in the same manner and with more regularity.  Rest assured, we're working on it.

Our biggest concern is what is going to happen when baby arrives.  What are we going to be like on 2 hours sleep a night and no wine (at least for the first few weeks)?  Depending on feeding schedules, Shannon may be ready for a sip of wine but that might not help our blogging.

So, our question to the Inter-webs is for parents.  How do you introduce wine back into your lives after a baby and how soon?  Is it with dinner?  On weekends?  Some other crafty methodology?

Fill us in....please.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon