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So, let's start off by saying that here in Canada we live in a highly regulated and controlled liquor environment where we are, generally speaking, at the mercy of provincial bodies to determine the majority of wines that we as the retail public will have access to.  That said, we have come a long way in the last 18 months with the FreeMyGrapes campaign to allow for cross-border movement of wine within Canada.  This is a work in progress but begins to move us away from the prohibition-era laws we have been previously governed by.  There are Federal and Provincial laws that need to be amended, though the Federal piece has largely been taken care of by the passing of Bill C-311 last year.

So, in comparison to our American friends where there is a regulated but generally privatized liquor industry (though not in all states) our options and access to varieties of wine as consumers here in Canada has been somewhat limited (and pricey but that is a horse of a different colour).  Now, we have come to find out there is a different purchase model being put forward here in Canada and frankly it is one we really, really like.

WineWire has come to the marketplace with a direct-to-consumer e-Commerce model of putting wine agents directly in contact with consumers.  Wine agents (i.e. importers/distributors) can sign-up to be part of this program to list their wines and they can sell wine on consignment using the WineWire platform.....brilliant!  These are wines that you might find on a restaurant wine list but not in your local LCBO or NSLC or potentially even private liquor store (if your province even allows that sort of thing).  That means new wines, new choices, and freeeeedom! (in our best William Wallace voice).  The Financial Post here in Canada put out an article on these guys today, click read more to get the details.

The WineWire guys (Adam Bekhor and Nelson Abreu) have put together a pretty impressive structure for not only the selling of wine but the promotion of their labels in a format that is very reminiscent of Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV.  This includes wine tasting videos (on WineWire TV) and Social Media (or as Gary V says just 'Media') content.  They have a huge branding opportunity here in Canada and are already looking at regional expansion across the country. 

FYI, there is no need for any disclosure on this from our part as we have no business interests here.  We saw this today online, LOVE the idea, really wish we had come up with it ourselves, and we wish them good luck and God's speed.  If you live in Ontario, check them out.  You might find something you like.

Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon


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