Brown Bag Wine Tasting With William Shatner - The Ray Isle Episode

Our good friends at Ora TV brought this episode to our attention. We have been following the Brown Bag Wine Tasting series regularly. William Shatner is a Canadian legend/hero/genius and on and on it goes and for him to do a wine tasting series in this format is amazing. So awesome and if you only watch the episode below you are really missing out. One of the unique parts of the show is he asks guests to describe wines without using wine lingo and using words from the guests area of expertise. You'll see what we mean in the episode.

His guest below Ray Isle is the Executive Wine Editor for Food & Wine and also the co-host of a PBS show that we REALLY loved called Vine Talk.  If you've never watched THAT series you are also missing out. Ray co-hosted with Stanley Tucci and it is a really cool look at wine and wine tasting with some famous guests (but that's another post for another day).

Other than being an entertaining episode in general, Ray talks about tasting wine recovered from a Civil War era ship off of Bermuda that he considers to be one of the worst things he ever tasted. We'll let him tell you the rest. Give it a watch and then go back into the episode guide and watch the rest and then go watch all the episodes of Vine Talk.

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Keep on tasting!

Chris & Shannon